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Dear Friends,

I have been inspired lately to think more deeply about the concept of “value.” I refer here to both meanings of the word— one’s principles and standards of behaviors, and the perceived worth and usefulness of something.

Over the past several months, our Notre Dame community has been diligently working to craft our next strategic plan: Raising the Bar—ND 2020. I’m looking forward to announcing its completion and launch in the coming weeks. One of our first tasks was to examine our institutional core values, which serve as the pillars of a new strategic vision for our school—our commitment to what we want Notre Dame to become, the impact it will have, the distinct value it will deliver.

Six core values were defined, which I’m proud to share with you here. They represent the impressive value of Notre Dame, value that is fully realized in our graduates—young men and women imbued with these core values and ready to make their mark in shaping a better world.

• Striving for Excellence • Deepening our Faith
• Living with Integrity • Building Community
• Embracing Innovation • Leading by Serving

Your prayerful and financial support for these values and our strategic vision is so very needed. Our tuition dollars alone do not provide sufficient revenues to support the investments we need to make, while also providing tuition assistance to many wonderful current and future ND families.

Your generous gift to this year’s ND Fund affirms your support for our vital mission and vision, and for the deep value Notre Dame delivers in shaping the lives of so many.

On behalf of the entire Notre Dame community, thank you and God bless you.

Chris Cipriano

Christopher Cipriano
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