Clubs and Activities

Notre Dame offers a wide range of activities throughout the school year. Join the ND Band, star in the Spring Musical or do charity work with the Key Club...It's all up to you! It is easy to get involved at ND because of its intimate setting, range of activities, committed faculty, and club moderators.

AppalachiaKey Club, Appalachia Club, and Care Club all promote awareness of the needs of the community, and provide members with opportunities for volunteerism in school and in the community. These include assistance with Kiwanis Club events, outreach to the needy in Neon, Kentucky for a week each summer, drives to collect food and clothing for local shelters, collection of funds for world disasters and an annual "senior prom" at a local nursing home.

The Art Club
allows students who are unable to take an art class as part of their daily schedule to pursue their artistic talents. Club members, along with art classes, help with set design for the spring musical. Students' work is regularly displayed throughout the building.

The Band
consists of instrumentalists and vocalists who perform classical, jazz and rock pieces at two school concerts. The Band, which meets daily, also performs at local elementary schools, nursing homes, and malls. Students may also enroll in Chorus which performs with the Band and Dance classes in two annual concerts.

Human Rights Club
works for the release of prisoners of conscience, provided they have neither used nor advocated violence. They also encourage fair and prompt trials for all political prisoners and an end to torture and executions in all cases.

The Spring Musical allows students to showcase their musical and acting abilities for the Notre Dame and local communities. The 2017 spring musical Les Miserables will be performed in May at Sacred Heart University. 

MusicalThe Literary Magazine encourages students to demonstrate their creative writing and artistic abilities in an annual publication for the school community.

The Student Council provides a student-leadership opportunity for all interested students. The group also provides activities for the ND student body as a whole including school dances, the Mr. ND pageant, karaoke night, the freshman social and seasonal pep rallies.

The Yearbook is an annual publication for the school community. Student contributions include lay-out, computer design, copy writing, and proofreading.

The Book and Poetry Club is a group that meets to read and discuss books that are chosen by the group from different genres. Students express their opinions, likes, dislikes, and recurring themes or motifs throughout the books. Also, poetry is introduced, read and analyzed by the group for its technical, astethic, and emotional values as well.

The Actor's Club is a group that meets to explore, collaborate, and perform scenes and monologues in dramatic and comedic works. The club focuses on the craft of acting through improvisation, scene study, and group work. The goal of the Actor's Club is to take the mystery out of performing and engage in the art of performing as an enjoyable and practical skill and art.

The Dance Club meets twice a month and is open to students of all levels. They explore many genres of dance and exercise including Hip Hop, Musical Theater Dance, Jazz, Ballroom, Zumba, Ballet, and Pilates. Members have had the option to perform in the Winter and Spring Arts Celebrations, Pep Rallies, and the ND Dance Christmas Video.

The Philosophy Club is a place where students gather to ask ultimate questions and seek answers together.  Students listen to one another and share the adventure of thinking through the great problems of the philosophical tradition.  All are welcome, and all have a voice.

The Creative Writing Club meets twice a month to give student-writers an opportunity to work on and share original short stories and poetry. The group works on techniques to help writers develop setting, plot, characterization, and dialogue.

The Drama Club serves to support any and all Drama productions at Notre Dame including but not limited to: the Fall Drama, The Winter Arts Celebration, the Spring Musical and the Spring Arts Festival. It welcomes anyone who expresses an interest or talent in the Arts.

The STEM Club provides students opportunities to explore aspects of science, technology engineering and math through a variety of engaging, hands-on activities. Participants develop skills such as team work, critical thinking, and creative problem solving.  A wide variety of STEM careers will also be investigated.

The Love Life Club was created by the family of Kristin Appelberg, a young lady who lived her short life full of courage, kindness, and compassion. Love Life seeks to honor that legacy by trying to cultivate a community that is all inclusive and seeks to ensure that every student in ND knows that they are important and matter. We do this through fun life affirming activities during our meetings where we share our stories, in-house community building projects like game day, movie afternoons, or switch seats at lunch day, and broader community service.

Campus Ministry is an organization that allows students a way to experience fun, faith, and fellowship.  Members assist with school liturgies, class retreats, and service projects that seek to work with many different populations from small children, to people with special needs, veterans, the poor or homeless, and the elderly. 

The Math Club works on practice SAT problems and Logic puzzles and all things math-centered.

The National Honor Society is a nationwide organization that recognizes exceptional secondary school students. Students are chosen by a majority vote of a five-member faculty selection committee on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The focus of activities involves service. In recent years, this club sponsored a Penny Wars competition between the classes and raised over $2,500 for victims of natural disasters.

The Language Honor Societies (French and Spanish) seek to enhance and promote excellence in their respective languages. Group members are encouraged to better understand the culture of each country and to participate in various activities throughout the year. The Spanish Honor Society students provide community out-reach by tutoring and collecting clothing for students in local elementary schools.

The French and Spanish Clubs promote a general awareness of the French and Spanish languages, cultures, customs and foods. This awareness is fostered through programs throughout the year. The Spanish Club explores the Hispanic culture through a variety of activities, including discussions, field trips to restaurants, plays, dance & music shows, fiestas and more.  Memebers also conduct an annual drive to raise money for an impoverished Hispanic pueblo via Food for the Poor.

The Game Design Club designs and creates games. In the past, they have designed a deck building card game, levels in video games, and a tactics board game. They also run video game tournaments.

The Fashion Club's primary purpose is to mentor Notre Dame students who have interest in pursuing creative careers: Fashion, Graphics, Social Media, Interior Design, Digital Media, and Entertainment. Membership into the club is open to all interested students and is based upon FIDM [Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising] located in Los Angeles, California.

The Debate Club allows students who are interested in politics, government, law and education to debate current issues. In its inaugural year, all four "bills" presented by Notre Dame student delegates for debate at a national conference passed the screening process. The teacher-moderator and sixteen students spent a three- day weekend in Washington, D.C., at the Junior State of America Northeast Congress. This gave them the opportunity to meet some of the nation's key public policy makers.

The Newspaper Club allows students to showcase their journalistic talents in the school newspaper, The Profile. Students write articles, edit the paper, design layouts and take photographs. All students are welcome to the join the newspaper staff.