Students Complete Urban Challenge

ND Visits Camden, NJ
Posted on 03/08/2018
From March 1 - 4, a group of 11 students traveled with Mr. and Mrs. Cipriano for an inner-city service experience, the Urban Challenge, in Camden, New Jersey. Working with the Romero Center, the group completed a series of social justice activities and two days of service in both Camden and Philadelphia. A highlight of the experience was the "food challenge", where students in "families" of four people had to purchase food for the day using $3 per person - the amount a family living in poverty in the U.S. has on average for food. To read more about the experience, click here to read Mr. Cipriano's blog. Trip participants included: Seniors - Nya Campbell, Bridget Magyar, Millenia Polanco; Juniors - Amanda McGeehan, Christina Cheesman, Deja Bynoe, Aldi Jaramillo-Lara, Carly Zajac, Sean Buzzee, RJ Stueber, and Kim Fuentes.