Camden Field Trip

Camden Trip
Posted on 02/04/2019
Last Thursday through Sunday, a group of nine juniors and seniors traveled to Camden, NJ with Mr. Cipriano and Mrs. Cipriano. Working with the Romero Center, the group participated in community service programs, reflections, prayer and social justice activities. The group volunteered at a variety of sites in both Camden and Philadelphia, including serving lunch and dinner to needy residents at Cathedral Kitchen, working with pre-K students at Mercy Neighborbood Center, and having a ministry of presence with disabled residents of Inglis House. The group also had some time on Saturday afternoon to visit a few historical sites in Philadelphia including Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell and in an effort to support a local merchant, ate dinner at a small Mexican restaurant in Camden. Thank you to those who helped to support and sponsor the trip. Participants included seniors Tiffany Bohorquez, Gabe DaSailva, Sofia Gudiel, Bruce Li, and Chris Taylor; juniors Nilsa Laine, Ruth Salazar, Gianna Sansonetti, and Sophie Stachurski.